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121 CLIKS : interview with French Photographer Franck Pédersol

Franck Pédersol is a French Photojournalist and Independent Photographer from Vizille Isère, France. Franck born in 1952, he got interested in photography at the age of 13. Franck always fascinated to capture factories, paper mills, weavings, forges, rolling mills, etc.

Thanks, Franck for accepting our invite. Please read on…

What is the subject of your report with these photos? I have always been fascinated by factories, paper mills, weavings, forges, rolling mills. These places are the work of man, but dominate those who work there. The looks are hard, tired, the omnipresent, oppressive noise. Me, I knew that I was just passing, but at the time these workers sometimes stayed 40 years at the same station, in the same factory.

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© Franck Pédersol, reproduction interdite sans autorisation.
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